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With Her Nose Stuck In A Book....

I'm brand spanking new to this site and I admit, I haven't blogged about books in awhile. However...let's make a hash of it and attempt it.

Pocketful of Fear - Joseph Rubas I admit, I was excited to read this book (because Joseph is a fab writer) and when I finished it in three hours, I had the feeling of incompleteness. Each story held potential but it never really got there. You know when you're on a roller coaster and you think you're going to go down this massive drop and then it's nothing really at all?

It felt like that.

I saw another review that nailed it--he had begun a story...but that was it. For me, it lacked depth and detail and made the words seem flat and lifeless. I found myself wishing he had spent more time on the stories, fleshing them out more; or taking one of them and fleshing it out into a full length novel.

It kind of felt like a book full of writing prompts. So much potential there that just never really was reached.