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With Her Nose Stuck In A Book....

I'm brand spanking new to this site and I admit, I haven't blogged about books in awhile. However...let's make a hash of it and attempt it.

The Boleyn King - Laura Andersen *ARC obtained from NetGalley*

This was a really brilliant read. I loved it. I am a Tudor buff and I am quite open to reading AU stories and such. I always felt that Anne Boleyn's life was cut short far too early and she might have had a son. This book gave me (along with other Tudor fans) the chance to read what it might have been like with Henry only having two wives along with the son he so longed for. A healthy, strong boy, unlike Prince Edward.

I loved how well drawn out all of the characters were, both real and imagined. Anne was just as fiery, Elizabeth just as strong and intelligent, Mary, religious and dour as we've read her to be.

I enjoyed that when Anne was giving birth to William; her favorite lady in waiting, Marie, is giving birth to a child of her own, a daughter nicknamed Minuette by Elizabeth. She will be an integral part of this story too. The entire novel revolves around William, Elizabeth, Minuette and Dominic and tells of the friendship between the four of them. The book starts when they William and Minuette are 17 and William waiting until he is 18 to officially take on the role of King. The book leads us through the year and through the intrigues that only a Tudor court could hold!

The ending was quite surprising and I am anxiously awaiting the next installation of this trilogy!