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With Her Nose Stuck In A Book....

I'm brand spanking new to this site and I admit, I haven't blogged about books in awhile. However...let's make a hash of it and attempt it.

~Secrets of the Southern Belle~

I genuinely dislike "self-help" books. I'm not going to lie. I have not found any that I find helpful to me. This is just me, of course, but this one caught my eye because I saw Phaedra on one of the cooking (or was it a decorating?) shows I watch, she was a guest and I was charmed by her manners and the grace she has. I don't recollect what show it was that I saw her; I don't watch the Housewives shows, they aren't my taste. This was a woman who seems to have it together. So, when I heard about this book, I figured, "why not?"</p>

I was graciously provided an advance copy from NetGalley and as soon as I finish, I will be sure to write my review. I'm hoping this doesn't disappoint.&nbsp;</p>